Why does my house have hot and cold spots in it?

There could be many reasons why this is occurring such as:

  • Closed register blades could be blocking air to one room making it warmer than another. Solution is to open the dampers wide open. If this doesn’t work check for loose duct connections in the attic. If you don’t find any it is time to call for an inspection by a qualified technician
  • If you have an older home insulation that wraps around the exterior of the duct could have been pulled away or weathered away from extreme age. Solution is to check to see if this is the case, and if so to have your insulation repaired.
  • Improperly sized air conditioner ducts could also be the culprit. If you suspect this to be the case it is best to call out a qualified Heating & Cooling company to confirm it.
  • In some houses the design of the house can be the problem. Sometimes an overzealous previous homeowner might have remodeled without taking into consideration the different demands his new layout would have on comfort cooling. Here again, a Qualified technician is your best choice.
  • A cheap alternative to duct changes and one we would suggest before you decide to do a major air conditioner duct/system overhaul is to install ceiling fans in your problem areas to help get the air circulating. This also can help lower your power bill in the process.