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Dependable, High Quality High Rise HVAC Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Your high-rise building presents a variety of challenges when it comes to the business of keeping each level properly heated or cooled. High rise buildings are designed to maximize space. Huge, cumbersome HVAC systems waste space inside your building and are often noisy and inefficient. Residents and businesses in high rise buildings have the same heating and cooling needs as those in any other type building, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice space and convenience to achieve comfortable indoor temperatures year round. 

Legacy Air is a top-rated HVAC company serving both residential and commercial residents in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding areas. We provide a complete line of HVAC services for high rises that are customized to the structure of your unique building and the needs of your tenants. Whether you need a complete modern HVAC system or a thorough duct cleaning, our high rise specialists can help.

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High Rise HVAC Services

Choosing a full-service HVAC company for your high rise is no easy task. Many companies lack the education and experience necessary to understand the indoor air challenges that these unique buildings bring. Our team is specifically trained to install and service high rise HVAC equipment. We provide these HVAC services for Las Vegas high rise buildings. 

  • HVAC Installation: Whether you need a first-time installation for a new building or a full replacement, Legacy Air provides complete installation of a variety of major HVAC brands. 
  • Routine Maintenance: Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system will eventually break down. Before this happens, you’ll probably experience a loss of energy efficiency and reduced air quality. Typical systems require 2 yearly inspections and quarterly filter changes to keep running properly. High rise HVAC systems can be even more complex because they’re designed to comply with space limitations. Our specialized technicians provide the yearly maintenance you need to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and avoid costly breakdowns and energy loss.
  • Air Quality Solutions: Your HVAC system is responsible for more than heating and cooling. Pollution, poor ventilation, and humidity are all elements that factor into poor indoor air quality. Our air quality solutions include air purification systems, proper ventilation to match your system, humidifiers, and duct cleaning.
  • Duct Cleaning: Dust and fiber builds up in your air ducts and gets pushed out into the air you breathe. When air ducts aren’t cleaned frequently, the tenants and employees in your buildings are forced to continually breathe in pollutants and allergens that contribute to respiratory issues and poor health. Routine duct cleanings improve indoor air quality throughout your entire building.
  • Energy Conservation: Energy conservation is a must in high rise buildings. Since the higher levels of a building are exposed to cooler temperatures and high wind speeds, it can be difficult to keep even temperatures throughout the building without paying massive energy bills. Your high rise building requires specialized equipment to maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient HVAC system. Whether you’re seeking a modern, energy-efficient system, or looking for ways to help your current system conserve energy, we can help.

Choose Legacy Air for Dependable High Rise HVAC Services

Indoor air quality and temperature vary widely from the ground floor to the top floor. Your HVAC system is required to do the difficult job of evenly heating or cooling each level. Nevada’s temperatures certainly don’t make this job any easier. With winter temps that drop into the 30s and summer temps that soar to 105, keeping the upper levels of a high rise evenly heated and cooled is a constant challenge. At Legacy, our HVAC specialists are trained to meet the demands of high rise building systems, and we’re familiar with the challenges our local climate brings. When you choose Legacy Air to take care of your high rise HVAC needs, you can count on our team to provide you with these benefits.

  • Customized service designed for your building’s structure and needs: The HVAC requirements for a high rise building are vastly different than those for a single-family home. Our specialized technicians understand that each building has a unique structure, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
  • Financing plans: Outfitting your high rise with a dependable HVAC system that provides you with the air quality you need can be expensive. Ask about our financing plans to help you determine how to keep the requirements of your building within your budget.
  • Proper insurance and certification: Our NATE certified team is prepared to take on the professional requirements you may need for your residential or commercial high rise. We can provide a certificate of insurance in less than 48 hours and are prepared to tackle your emergencies with the professional care you need.
  • Specialized training for high rise equipment: High rise buildings are unique and it can be difficult to find a company that understands the demands of high rise HVAC equipment. Our team is specially trained to work on high rise HVAC equipment, and we’re happy to provide the unique services you require.
  • Same-day appointments: Surviving a day without air conditioning during a sweltering summer in Nevada isn’t an option. Our team is available when you need us for HVAC emergencies and necessary care.
  • Outstanding customer service: At Legacy Air, our customers always come first. Instead of seeking ways to grow our business, we concentrate on delighting our customers. We provide customized services that meet the needs of your building’s structure, more importantly, the needs of the people inside your building. We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we stand behind our service with a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

When you need HVAC services you can count on for your Las Vegas high rise, get in touch with the experts at Legacy Air. Our technicians are specially trained to handle the challenges of high rise HVAC equipment. We offer same-day appointments and stand behind our work. Provide healthy, comfortable indoor air for your entire high rise with our dependable, affordable services.

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