NV Energy’s Powershift

Legacy Air is partnering with NV Energy’s Powershift program to offer you Rebates of up to $900 on your replacement HVAC system. What is crazy, though, is that is not even the best part… This program also ensures that :

Your contractor will have three sets of qualified eyes (the contractor, NV Energy, local building department), all independent from each other, checking your system for proper operation, efficiency and for a proper install.  If you hire another contractor that is not subject to these third parties and if you are not familiar with HVAC systems, how can you really know if the installation was done up to code and per manufacturers specs.

Even better, NV Energy is offering to pay for all of this out of their pocket PLUS give you money on top of that. Whoever said that you can’t get something for nothing?

Legacy Air has partnered with NV Energy to offer our residential customers rebates up to $900 per system. This offer is eligible if the following criteria are met:

  • Your system must be residential
  • Must be replacing a working system for the higher rebates (Some rebates still available for working systems, but are significantly less)
  • Replacement Air conditioner must be 15 SEER or higher
  • The customer must be an NV Energy customer
  • Customer must use a participating contractor

Your contractor must ensure

  • A Whole house load calculation is performed
  • Must turn in inspection report to NV Energy to be approved by NV energy Engineers
  • Must ensure that the AHRI number given to the equipment is eligible for the rebates
  • Building permits and inspections through the AHJ must be performed

Secondary considerations:

  • Nv energy is offering more money if you are replacing a working system
  • Larger rebates