Things Don’t Sound Right? When To Get Your HVAC System Inspected

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Things Don’t Sound Right? When To Get Your HVAC System Inspected

Now that we’re making the transition from cold weather to those lovely springtime temperatures, it’s soon going to be time to turn on the trusty air conditioner. It’s one of the joys of home ownership – hearing the AC turn on after an extended break and feeling the rush of cool air into your house.

But, what if that cool air is accompanied by lots of little noises, everything from a distinct bubbling sound to rattling and clanking noises? What could it mean, and do you need to call a repair technician?

Legacy Air is here to tell you that modern HVAC units are largely quiet and noise free. So, if you hear some troubling sounds, you need to give us a call. Let’s examine a few of these so you can understand what might be going on.


Each sound an HVAC unit makes might be a sign of something extremely serious. For example, you might think if you hear something rattling around in your system that something’s loose. You’d probably be right. Your indoor and outdoor grates and vents can let all manner of things into your system, which then float around loose and could potentially cause damage to the system.

Likewise, if you hear a scraping sound (especially if it’s metallic), you also probably have a loose part. A pipe could be loose or a fan blade could be out of alignment. If parts are loose and are hitting other parts, you could be looking at a big repair bill. It’s time to call an HVAC specialist.

When you first turn on your HVAC system after months of disuse, it’s not uncommon to hear a squeaking sound. This is usually a worn belt issue, similar to the sound you hear in your car when belts need to be replaced. Getting an HVAC tune-up before you turn on the system full-time is the best way to be proactive about this potential problem situation.


If you hear a hissing or a bubbling sound from your HVAC system, it’s time to call a technician. A hissing sound means air is escaping from the ductwork somewhere. Your system is going to have to work harder than it should, which will drive up your cooling costs.

A bubbling sound may be a refrigerant leak. This is the most serious problem you could have with your HVAC unit, and it’s vital to call for help right away.


The best way to head off any of these issues is to have an HVAC technician come out and do a pre-spring inspection on your system before you turn it on for good. They can examine the whole system and diagnose any issues before they become problematic.

With hot weather on the way, you want an HVAC unit that hums and provides cool air to your house. Now that you know when to get your HVAC system inspected, you can head problems off now by contacting Legacy Air for a tune-up before you turn on the system. That way, your AC can sound right all summer long. It’ll be music to your ears!

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