How Often Should I Get A Furnace Inspection?

How Often Should I Get A Furnace Inspection?

If you have never had your furnace inspected it might be time to get it done. Although furnaces don’t get the “fanfare” that A/C units get in a hot weather climate like Las Vegas, they are just as important to have inspected regularly (if not more important) than the A/C unit. The reason that furnace inspections are important even in Las Vegas where we don’t use them that much is because you are still dealing with natural gas and combustion gases. If the equipment has been installed improperly, is not up to code or just failing due to old age or a lack of service, serious, sometimes even life threatening things can happen.

This is article is not meant to send you rushing for a gas mask or meant in any way to scare you. The incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks are extremely rare. You are statistically more likely to be hit by lightning while riding a polar bear in Death Valley (maybe not quite that rare). It does happen. If you google CO2 poisoning you are bound to find a link to some YouTube channel advising you of the dangers that furnaces can present as well as families here in the USA that have experienced problems.

An annual check of your system can give you more than piece of mind. LEGACY’s inspection service or maintenance can also make sure your system is running properly and at its most efficient. Any good furnace service is going to make checks of the flue gasses, gas pressure, and overall system performance. We will clean the flame sensor of carbon buildup that can overtime, prevent the sensor from detecting a flame which will in turn put your furnace into ignition lockout and lead to a costly and unnecessary service call. We will make sure that all of the safeties are doing what they are supposed to be doing such as the pressure switch and limit switches. We will make sure that some other contractor never bypassed them (which is more common than you might think).

Legacy Air will also take a look at your ductwork to make sure it is sealed. We will take a temperature split to make sure the temperature rise as it crosses your heat exchanger is within its ratings. We disconnect the blower motor to make sure the limit switches that are installed are actually working so that if the blower motor does fail you don’t have the system’s combustion cycle continuing to run with no blower.

Another advantage of getting your system regularly inspected is the increased longevity of the system, the chances of a breakdown diminishing and with most programs (including LEGACY) you usually receive discounts on parts and equipment should you ever need to make a repair.

If you would like to get a furnace maintenance or inspection done please give LEGACY a call at 725-237-2441 and we will get you scheduled.

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