Remodeling? Options For Heating And Cooling A New Addition

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Remodeling? Options For Heating And Cooling A New Addition

At some point in time, almost every homeowner wants to improve their living space. While sometimes this involves a facelift to your kitchen or bathroom, or finishing the basement, the most extensive renovation projects involve creating an entirely new addition to your house. When creating an add-on, you have to consider how to heat and cool it, so it’s comfortable all year round.

The Las Vegas climate is arid and presents challenges all its own. It’s important to work with the very best installation service to create an HVAC system that will work with your new add-on. Let’s check out a few options for heating and cooling a new addition, and learn where you can find the best services for your next home remodeling and improvement project.


When you take on a massive remodeling project like a new wing, it creates a lot of possibilities, but the process might not be quite as simple as it should. Still, it’s not something you can neglect, especially in a climate with temperatures as extreme as Las Vegas.

Three main options are available for heating and cooling a new addition. These include extending your current system, upgrading to a larger system, or adding a whole new and independent system.


Simply extending your current HVAC system can be the most straightforward option, but you need to be sure it’s the right choice. You’ll need to have an energy audit and load calculation performed first. This means consulting with your HVAC professionals to be sure that your current system has the power needed to extend the existing ductwork into the new addition.

If it is powerful enough, you’ll need to take the right steps. This means re-balancing the airflow so that all the areas of your home get the right level of air delivery.


If your load calculation helps you determine that your existing system isn’t large and powerful enough, you’ll need to upgrade the current HVAC in your home to a larger size. This will allow you to use the existing ductwork and create minimal interference with your home overall. You will, however, need to account for the size, sun exposure, insulation and other factors of the remodel so you can be sure to get the right sized unit.


Some people eschew using their existing system altogether and just install a completely separate system for the add-on, like a ductless heat pump or mini split. This can be good for add-ons that won’t be used all the time. They also allow you to handle heating and cooling with high efficiency and to control each room in your new area with its own unit. It can also, however, create higher heating and cooling costs, as you need to account for an entirely new unit.


If you’re in need of HVAC services for your remodeling project, LEGACY can help. Check out our AC and furnace installation services and get in touch with us for more information on heating and cooling a new addition today!

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