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Why Choose Bosch Air Conditioners and Heat Pump Systems?

Bosch systems specialize in highly efficient heating and cooling solutions for homes with amazing benefits! Bosch systems are extremely sophisticated and well put together. They are designed to help:

  1. Hot/cold spots in the home. They achieve this by having more run time at lower capacities. This circulates air in the home more often and allows for better airflow throughout the home.
  2. Reduces energy consumption. Even though this system is literally designed to stay on most of the time, it nonetheless is able to achieve lower operating expenses by only operating at a level that will meet the needs of the home. Traditional systems are either on full blast, or off, but the Bosch Inverter system is much smarter than their competition.
  3. One of the quietest air-to-air heat pumps in the industry. It achieves an extremely low 66 dBA by using silent blade technology, sound isolating mounts and ECM motors at both the indoor and outdoor motors.
  4. Avoids the high expense and wear & tear that traditional units experience from starting up and shutting down so often. The Bosch inverter system starts out at 1% and slowly ramps up to meet the needs of the home. Traditional systems start at 100% and experience huge in-rush current surges that make your power bill go through the roof. A slower ramping up also allows for less repairs on The Bosch systems as the components are not put under a 100% load every time the unit gets a call for comfort cooling/heating

What Makes Bosch Better Than the Rest?

  • The outdoor condensers have a very small footprint when compared to other high efficiency systems (roughly 30” X 30”). Some other manufacturers have units that are taller than the customers or wide enough that there is no way to get around the units in some applications
  • Bosch Air handlers and air conditioners are extremely quiet. Even when this system is cranking out at maximum capacity, it is quieter than most systems
  • Only use enough energy to achieve exactly what the conditioned space needs
  • No high dollar proprietary thermostats with specialty software needed to operate this system. Unfortunately Nest thermostats don’t work well with these systems, but most other WIFI thermostats including Ecobee, are completely compatible

Sound good? Contact us at (725) 237-2441 to discuss more and see if a Bosch System is the right system for you.

Bosch Inverted Ducted Split System benefits include:

  • Up to an 20.5 SEER Inverter Drive
  • 85 Step Compressor (25%-110% Capacity)
  • 10 Year part/10 Year labor warranty
  • Whisper Quite technology (56 dB) on outdoor unit
  • 96% Efficient Furnaces available for duel fuel applications
  • Dual Fuel (Heating in both gas and heat pump
  • Ideal option for those with solar power
  • Eligible for NV energy rebates of up to $1200

Bosch Inverter Ducted Package (Rooftop) Unit benefits include:

  • An industry best 19 SEER rating.
  • Fully modulating inverter Drive precisely matches the heating/cooling load
  • Inverter Compressor modulates (25%-110% Capacity) in 1% increments
  • Two-stage ECM Blower motor for enhanced humidity control and quiet operation
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Eligible for NV Energy rebates of up to $1200
  • Ideal option for those with solar power
  • 10 Year Part/Labor warranty

Bosch Heat Pump condenser and Coil only benefits include:

  • You can pair the Bosch heat pump and coil with any other manufacturer’s furnace and expect to see 16 SEER or greater ratings. This allows you to only replace your air conditioner while leaving your existing furnace in place. No other manufacturer that we are aware of can get a AHRI # that will satisfy NV energy’s requirements for the 16 SEER rebates
  • Instantly transform your old straight cool system to a duel fuel system without replacing the furnace
  • Great option for those of you who have put solar on your home, but are not using all of your stored power. You can run the heat pump mode in the winter and take better advantage of your solar system by using more of the power that it is generating, saving you money on your gas bills
  • Whisper Quite technology (56 dB) on outdoor unit
  • Eligible for NV energy rebates of up to $1200

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