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We Don’t Leave You Out in the Cold

Even though winters in Las Vegas are fairly mild compared to some parts of the country, it still gets cold. With an average low of around 27°F during the depth of the winter, it’s imperative that your heating system works properly. Otherwise, you and your family will spend more time shivering under a stack of blankets than you will anything else. You can’t afford to wrap yourself up and wait for the warm weather to come back, you need your heater to work right throughout the winter months.

At LEGACY, we understand your family’s comfort is your top priority and we make it ours as well. We’ve been serving the Las Vegas area for years and our expert technicians and staff are solely focused on keeping our friends, neighbors, and fellow businesses comfortable.

Dial (725) 237-2441 to schedule an appointment with our Las Vegas heating experts. Same-day services are available!

How Does a Furnace Work?

Most homeowners don’t think too much about their furnace—unless it doesn’t work right, then it’s the only thing they can think about. However, understanding how your furnace works will go a long way towards keeping it in good working order for as long as possible.

Here are the most important features of a furnace:

  • Furnaces work under some very basic principles that begin when you turn the heat up.
  • The burner ignites the propane or natural gas.
  • The flame heats a metal heat exchanger.
  • The exhaust rises out of the flue.
  • Heat is transferred to the incoming air.
  • The blower pushes the heated air into the ductwork and into the house.
  • Cooler air is drawn back into the furnace where the process starts again.

When everything goes the way it should, your home is toasty warm and comfortable. If something goes wrong along the way, you’ll get cold and uncomfortable pretty quick.

The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it running the way it was designed to. While some things, such as replacing the filters, are easy for you to do on your own, other aspects of furnace maintenance require the attention of an HVAC professional like LEGACY. At the very least, you should have a furnace inspection at least once per year. We highly recommend scheduling an inspection at the beginning and end of the cold season. Doing so will allow the technician to catch worn out parts and other issues before they become a major problem.

Does a Fairly New Furnace Require Maintenance?

Whether you’ve just purchased a new furnace this year or it’s been in operation for a few years, your equipment needs regular inspection and maintenance. Similar to your car, which requires regular oil changes and other maintenance, your furnace will operate longer and better if it’s properly cared for. Waiting until there is an obvious malfunction will only end up costing you more in terms of repairs. Putting off maintenance will also increase the likelihood that your furnace will fail, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner rather than later. If you want to make sure you receive regular furnace maintenance, sign up for our HVAC maintenance program. Our technicians will take care of everything, including scheduling your next maintenance appointment.

Common Furnace Issues

Since furnaces are such simple machines, you wouldn’t think they’d have too many problems. However, there are several different issues your furnace can develop that will cause it to malfunction or quit working.

These common issues include:

  • Age – Furnaces can only last around 15 years, so an older furnace may not work properly.
  • Dirty filters – Debris and dust cause the filter to clog, which blocks the air from flowing.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat – A faulty thermostat makes it difficult to control the temperature to a comfortable level.
  • Ignition/pilot issues – This will prevent the furnace from starting when it’s turned on.
  • Frequent cycling – The furnace comes on, then goes off, and repeats in a quick cycle.
  • The blower runs constantly – A variety of issues can cause this problem, so it’s best to seek the opinion of a professional.
  • Unable to produce enough heat – Generally, this is usually due to a furnace that is too small for the space.
  • No heat comes out – Thermostat, power, pilot, or gas issues can cause this issue.
  • Carbon monoxide leaks – Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas can cause serious health issues.
  • Increased energy bills – A malfunctioning furnace will use more energy than one that’s working right.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your furnace, don’t put off having them repaired. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the problem will get worse. Don’t attempt to make any furnace repairs yourself, this should always be left to a professional HVAC technician. Not only do they have the proper training, but they also have the right tools and equipment to safely and effectively make the repair.

Las Vegas Furnace Services You Can Rely On

At LEGACY, we understand how important it is to you that your furnace stays running smoothly for as long as possible. Not only will it ensure you and your family stay comfortable when the weather turns cold, but it will also save you from the worry and hassle. Our HVAC professionals are highly trained in all aspects of furnace maintenance, repair, and installation and we’re always here to serve you.

Some of the furnace services we offer at LEGACY include:

Schedule Your Appointment Today

The best time to schedule an inspection and maintenance of your furnace is right now. Even if you’re not using your furnace at the moment, when you do, you’ll want to know that it’s going to functioning properly. We’ll send one of our friendly, professional, certified and licensed Las Vegas heating technicians out to your home right away. We’ll inspect your furnace and make the necessary repairs so that you can stay warm in the winter and safe from any issues all year long.

Give us a call at (725) 237-2441 if you need heater services in Las Vegas!

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