8 Reasons to Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance in the Fall

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8 Reasons to Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance in the Fall

How often you should have HVAC maintenance scheduled is an important step in supporting the well-being and life span of the system’s equipment. With a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. homeowners can rest easy knowing the system is running at peak performance throughout the year. If, for any reason, the system is experiencing any problems, the technician will be able to detect and diagnose those issues during the maintenance check. Here are eight reasons why you should schedule your HVAC maintenance this fall:

1. HVAC Inspection

A maintenance plan for an HVAC system has specific steps for the technician to follow. Homeowners can be assured that what is included in HVAC maintenance plans covers an inspection of the entire system. The checklist is usually a multi-point process designed to check both indoor and outdoor components.

Areas to inspect include:

  1. Outdoor condensing unit
  2. Indoor evaporator coil
  3. Visible refrigerant leaks
  4. Primary and secondary condensate drain pan and drain line
  5. P-trap
  6. Blower assembly
  7. Refrigerant lines
  8. Wiring and control unit
  9. Thermostat operation
  10. Electrical components
  11. Safety controls

Areas to verify include:

  1. Blower speed
  2. Suction pressure
  3. Discharge pressure
  4. Air static pressure for supply and return
  5. Heat pump temperature drop/rise.
  6. Sub-cooling or superheat
  7. Motor amps
  8. Voltage levels

Areas to clean include:

  1. Control panel
  2. Filter

Once all areas are inspected, verified, and cleaned the equipment is run through a cycle to verify it is operating correctly. The final step is providing the homeowner with a written copy of the technician’s findings complete with pictures of the work performed as well as a list of any current or potential deficiencies that were found.

2. Prolong the HVAC’s Lifespan

Is HVAC maintenance worth it? The answer is yes since an HVAC system is an investment in your home and its environment. Keeping the system up-to-date and in good running condition is a benefit as it prolongs the lifespan of the system and increases the value of the home.

Regular maintenance allows an HVAC technician to check for any issues the system may be experiencing and make applicable adjustments, repairs, or replacements to keep the system running smoothly.

3. Maintain Energy Efficiency

A sign the HVAC system is not running efficiently is an increase in the monthly utility bill. As the system operates, it draws in dust, dirt, pet dander, and other airborne particles that ultimately clog the system due to a dirty filter that can no longer do its job.

Because the HVAC system cannot “breathe” due to the dirty filter that is no longer cleaning the air, the system must work harder and longer to do its job. This results in an increase in the utility bill, a less efficient system, and extra stress and strain on the components of the system that must work harder. This extra work can speed up the aging process, leading to system parts and components needing to be repaired or replaced before their time.

4. Potential Repair and Replacement

Without a maintenance plan, homeowners will not be aware of issues or underlying problems the system may be experiencing. Failure to address problems and worn parts in a timely manner can lead to components breaking down, which can result in an expensive repair bill. In some instances, a system breakdown may require replacement of the entire unit, which can be costly.

5. Prepare for the Winter Season

The HVAC system has worked nonstop through the previous summer season. Once fall arrives, it is a good time for a maintenance check before heading into the winter months. While problems can arise at any time, with a routine maintenance check, if there are any operational issues, they can be corrected ahead of time versus having the entire system break down in the middle of winter.

A fall maintenance check for your HVAC system allows the technician to make repairs and do any cleaning  to the unit’s components so the system is ready for winter use. When spring arrives, the system will be ready to make the switch to air conditioning.

6. Clean the Air

When a regular maintenance check hasn’t taken place earlier in the year, by the time fall arrives, your home may be filled with a variety of airborne toxins being circulated throughout every room.

With numerous airborne toxins circulating in the home around the clock, it can have an effect on health causing problems such as allergies, respiratory issues, and asthma. With a fall maintenance check, along with thoroughly checking the HVAC system, the unit’s filter will be replaced resulting in cleaner and healthier air.

7. Safety

Like any piece of equipment that operates daily, safety is important. When a heating system runs without the benefit of a seasonal maintenance check, it can be costly as well as dangerous.

By scheduling a maintenance check in the fall, a service technician can check for any leaks and any safety issues within the system prior to the start of the season when heat is most needed.

8. Indoor and Outdoor Clearance

While an HVAC specialist is running through their checklist of inspections, there are numerous things a homeowner can do inside and outside to support the operation of an efficient system:


Relocate any storage boxes, bins, or any other type of container away from the HVAC system. Do not stack these items or loose items near the unit. The HVAC system needs to have clear and uncluttered surroundings, so airflow is not impeded. Make sure all supply air vents are open fully and that the return air intake has a fresh filter and is not blocked by any kind of obstruction.


The same rules apply to the outside area around the HVAC system’s heat pump. During the fall while the temperature is comfortable is the ideal time for yard work. Clear away any debris within a two-foot radius  around  the heat pump. Do this by trimming shrubs, removing vines, and cutting back tall grass. The open space also allows for unobstructed airflow.

Schedule an Appointment

With the arrival of fall, homeowners should make immediate plans to schedule an HVAC tune-up. It is the perfect time between seasons to ensure the system is tuned up and ready to take on the challenges of winter weather.

For HVAC systems, whether newer or older, providing an annual maintenance check helps keep the unit stay one step ahead of any potential issues while assuring homeowners the system is operating at peak cooling and heating efficiency when needed.

To keep your system running its best, tap into the many services of a professional company and their highly qualified and experienced technicians by filling out the convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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